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How creepy are USA forests?

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So my friend from uni who I used to do easy /out/ trips has invited me to come visit him (moved to USA) and go camping all over the mid west and Western US for a month. I recently got a job but told them about this plan and they okayed me starting later so I literally have a month straight of camping.

I am actually spooked about camping in dense woods in places like Pennsylvania (where we start), Michigan, Minnesota, even Black Hills in SD. I feel like out west it's more expansive and even if forested it's not as creepy (maybe I'm wrong).

But I legit think I might blow it because I'm creeped out by the woods. Is it actually that creepy? I've done camping in UK and France and wasn't really afraid but this is my first time doing backcountry camping.
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post essentials for hiking on nature trails
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Weird barefoot climbing shoes

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Apparently Saltic is making a "barefoot" kind of climbing shoe, the model is called "Eliot".
Do you think acceptable precision can be achieved with such a seemingly wide tip?
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/out/ jobs and degrees

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anyone in college or employed in an /out/ related field. im in college for environmental engineering and hate it but hopefully i can land some innawoods job out of this. or at least become a government jackass smugly delaying construction projects.
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Moobies with /out/ feels.
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Hi /out/. I humbly seek feedback on new gear acquisition. It has been many years since ive done anything outdoors related. I got stuck in my city after covid and never made a real attempt to change that until now. I have done one overnight backpacking trip years ago along with previous camping. I want to get back into backpacking, camping and thru hiking. My short term goal is to do various day trips and get comfortable with overnight stuff. My ultimate goal is to survive in the wild for up to two weeks. I live in the southwest. Im willing to spend more upfront for gear that will last a long time in nearly every weather condition.

>Durston X Mid 2
Sleeping bag
>Nemo forte
Sleeping pad
>nemo tensor extreme

>Pathfinder M40 cook set
>alcohol stove
>canister stove
>homemade MREs and camping meals

>sawyer squeeze
>sawyer one gallon gravity bag

>cheap ferro rod
>cotton balls with vaseline

Aside from this I plan on getting sunjack solar panels and power banks with their light stick. I need to get other various things like clothing, a backpack, knives, first aid kit, multitool, navigation etc. I also want to learn skills like fishing, hunting and trapping for small game. Specifically rabbits and quail.
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recent /out/

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They ban EDC threads on pol so this is my every day carry. Since it is sort of outdoors activity.

west highland way fren hike

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Oke so im planning on tackling the west highland way soonish with my bong friend pretty soonish, were going to meet up either in london (if i decide to take the train from the netherlands through belgium and france to england) or in glasgow (where i can take a direct flight) And were wondering if any anons that have done this hike before have any tips to share with total beginners such as us.. :---D and with tips i mean landmarks off of the beaten road that we should visit along the way or stuff that we should/shouldnt do and generally what to expect during the trip. We also wouldnt mind meeting up with other out/chuds, and if youre wondering were both males aged 22
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Why do you like nature more than people?
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