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Post your best stories, location pics or cool trash
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Survival experts

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Who's your favorite survival expert?
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Mushroom on Hike

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Hey guys, was out on a long hike in the PNW and stumbled along this clump of fungus. Any idea of what it could be?


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Have any of you been SCUBA diving? Did you enjoy the experience? Was it difficult to learn?

I'm looking to get a masters in marine biology, so there is a chance that I will have to learn not only how to scuba dive, but how to be actually useful underwater for field work.
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I want to find this place want to go to it

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all I know is it is located in joshua tree NP california, and near a "popular area used to store water"
an exact description of where it is would be best

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What books do you read while /out/? I am reading pic related atm.
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>t shirt
>long johns
>down jacket with hood
>covid mask
No winter can stop me
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what's the /out/ like here?

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I have an insane obsession with the woods

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Its probably something to do with my adhd or autism but like holy fucking shit i have an absolute insane love for the woods which is kinda unfortunate because i live in the city and never really am able to go there cuz im still studying

Winter hiking

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Have you ever been hiking in the winter? What should I know know before trying?

I've already been in mountains in winter once. It wasn't serious hiking, more like walking but I learned one thing. November in mountains is winter, even if it's fall in lower parts of the country. Packing fall clothes instead of winter clothes was stupid.

Also, post photos if you have any
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