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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 215

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With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here:

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice
>One dice roll per person per post unless three players have not yet rolled, and ten minutes has passed since your previous roll
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails are a 1/100 with no passing rolls, or if two 1s are rolled regardless of the third
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but OOC options will be ignored
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I keep as up to date with any scheduling changes as soon as possible.

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Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 11

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Your name is <span class="mu-s">Hass Takar</span> and you are the Supreme Ruler of the Hegemony.

During your reign, you defended the Stand from the aggressive expansion of the Consortium's business interest, and defended your people. You only took up your position in your selfishness; killing the previous Supreme Ruler in a duel, but have since learned and changed. But only now does a new reality reveal itself.

The previous victims of the Hegemony's genocidal racism, the Swall and the Vetucker aliens, have since been found again. Revived by some strange pods deep in the soils of their rightful homeworlds, you have found them once again.
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Evo Quest

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I used to come on here years ago and there were always 2-3 evo quests and i loved them. don't see any anymore. lets change that.


Young planet, only populated with single celled organisms in the oceans. For now, all the species are in the central warm ocean but are free to migrate as they evolve obv. There is no plant life on land (or in the water for that matter; we're pre-cambrian kinda deal), so the green on the map is just to mark climate/precip.


Modify the species slightly for each evolution. You're free to redraw the image if you'd like to make it look better. You must either increment the 'Gen' count on the image OR modify the name so we can track lineage. Each 'generation' is enough for a small adaptation/change, so we can say it's a couple million years.

Please reply to the post that you are modifying from also to keep track of lineage <3

In general, I'll say when something is bad and shouldn't be counted, otherwise assume all the changes you're making are OK (they most likely are; some guys just go a little crazy so i'll put a stop to that if it looks like its gonna derail or anything)

In regards to double-posting, don't worry too much about it and just have some common sense. I won't say you strictly cannot double-post on the same species, but give it some time to breathe. If a species hasn't been touched in a while, feel free to reply to your own post again.

I'll do some events after a few generations. No set time but if I notice it's getting stagnant then I'll do one. There will be more info in the post about what is happening.

>Bonus stuff

You're free to create a few more 'starter' species, but probably just modify what I've provided. If people start making new ones I'll say when to stop and there won't be any more accepted after that.
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Spaceship Pilot in a Fantasy World #3

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Last thread:

>[Hey hey du~de. Ya' daily report alarm just rang. Wanna make one?]
>"Ah, right... Yeah sure, whatever."
>"*cough cough ahem* STR-K Pilot 337, reporting in. As specified in my previous report, me and CC-DA Pilot 609 have arrived in what seems to be the center of this civilization we've landed upon, "The Capital" as they call it. A rather great town compared to the filth we had wandered through beforehand. Smoke-filled skies, streets and vehicles, angry people walking about, it almost feels like home..."
>[Wanna bring up that magic dice voodoo ya' started doin'? And all the local folk ya' murdered?]
>"N-No way! My superiors would lock me up if they heard about that! D-Don't forget to cut that part out before saving this... Anyways! We're currently residing in a massive structure called "The Tower"... they're pretty uncreative with names around here I suppose... B-But I digress. Inside this tower we met up with the local monarch, the Icicle Queen. I couldn't quite understand her explanation, but from what I've gathered the only way for us to return home is using a certain device she has created, which requires a certain source of energy she does not possess..."
>[Psst... She means a magical staff-]
>"Sh-Shut up! Magic isn't real! Yeah sure, it "looks" like a magic staff, but I'm certain it's just some kind of technology we just don't understand, much less the locals! Cut that part out too or I delete your System 32 by the way! But yeah, without that "magic staff", which is in the possession of this really creepy pointy ear girl, it seems like we'll be stuck here for some time still... I wonder if I should take this time off to relax a bit... Ah! C-Cut that part out too!"
>[How 'bout that weird bit with all the flashin' colors hallucinogenic bee-ess goin' on? Don't wanna bring that up?]
>"I still have no idea what you're talking about! Stop taking up log space with your nonsensical ramblings! Uhh... STR-K Pilot 337. Out!"
>[Aaaaaand... Cut!]
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PowerLvlr! quest

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This story is about a young man working hard to make a living.
<span class="mu-r">What is his occupation? (Choose one)</span>

>1: Farmer. Strong muscles makes tilling the earth easier. (STR+)
>2: Thief. Nimble hands means easier pocketchange. (DEX+)
>3: Doctor. Smart mind finds the cure. (INT+)
>4: Musician. Silver tongue pleases the crowds. (CHA+)
>5: Write in. (Define which stat this would increase)

One night while the young man sleeps tight in his bed after a long days work, something strange happens to him...

<span class="mu-r">What is that strange thing? (Choose one)</span>
>A: A burgler tries to steal from his room.
>B: Wild and vivid dreams of adventure occupy his night.
>C: The moonlight slips through his window, bathing him in mystical light.
>D: A bee flies into his mouth, and down into his stomach.
>E: Write in

<span class="mu-i">Welcome to Powerlvler quest! Here we play as a weak nobody, which might end up pretty strong sometime in the future!</span>
<span class="mu-b">Stats work like this:</span>

STRength is increased by performing physically demanding tasks. Strength passively increases charisma.
AGIlity is increased by performing tasks requiring precision and speed. Agility passively increases strenght
INTelligence is increased by performing mentally demanding tasks. Intelligence passively increases agility
CHArisma is increased by performing social tasks. Charisma passively increases intelligence
CONstitution is increased by taking damage of any kind and recovering succesfully. Constitution passively increases every other stat slightly
Some wounds (physical or mental) can reduce constitution permanently
There may also be other stats, but we will get to them when they are relevant

Pictures may or may not be included in some of my posts.
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The Graverobber's Daughter XIV

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Therefore, it cannot be impressed enough upon the reader that given the width and breadth of the Imperial Whole, there is vanishingly little which may be considered 'typical' about Privileged Titles. Depending on where exactly in the Whole – and the authority bestowing it – the Title may be temporal, for life, or for line. Furthermore, the Title may Elevate an individual, or a family – and of course, who is considered family of the 'primary', and to what extent these 'secondaries' are Elevated is also variable. The final – and most important variability – is if the Title is Vested or Unvested. When an authority Elevates, any Privileges that are associated with the Elevation are limited to the extent of the Elevating authorities authority. To wit; a hypothetical Prince-Elector Elevates a Citizen, any and all Privileges that are afforded by this Elevation are in-force inside of the Demesne of this Prince-Elector and the Demesne or Holdings of any authorities that have been placed or kept underneath this Prince, expeditiously referred to from here on out as the lessers of an authority. If the Title is Unvested – or unrecognized by the Organs of State – then once the hypothetical Elevated Citizen is outside of the Demesne of the Elevating authority and his lessers , the Privileges of the Title cannot be considered in-force, and the Elevated Citizen is to be held as an equal to the basal Citizen in all matters and accounts of the Laws. Contrarily, if the Title is Vested – or recognized by the Organs of State – then Privileges are afforded to the Elevated Citizen throughout the Whole.

But attend well this distinction! The Privileges from a Vested Title that are in-force outside of the Demesne of the Elevating authority and his lessers may not be the self-same Privileges that are in-force inside. Quite commonly, the Privileges afforded by Vesting are fewer and meaner than those that were afforded by the Elevation. As a further font of confoundment, there are cases where the Privileges afforded by Vesting are greater than those that were afforded by the Elevation or of a different sort all-together, which raises into question which set of Privileges are in-force when the Elevated Citizen is in the Demesne of the Elevating authority and the authorities lessers. As of writing, jurisprudence and precedent hold that the Privileges afforded by Elevation are in-force, however, there have been a number of reversals and reverse-reversals on this point in living memory. For this, amongst other reasons, it behooves the newly Elevated to take a Solicitor on retainer, especially if the Elevated are desirous of affecting their Indemnity, the most fundamental of all Vested Privileges.

- A passage from <span class="mu-i">Imperatives and Rights, a Treatise for the Named Subject</span> on how Titles work. Note that there are few Titles that Subjects can hold, but it is not unheard of for a particularly worthy Subject to receive Citizenship and a Title simultaneously.
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You sit on top of your horse, fully armored with shield in hand and wait. Not to far from you, stands your older brother William. He lays your lance across his shoulder, today the roles are reversed and he squires for you. Across the way is your opponents pavilion, he has yet to show himself. Due to special circumstances, he is running late. The longer you wait, the more the nerves start to work away at your mental fortitude. You cannot be blamed for this however, for there is much to be nervous about.It is the first joust of the finals, and an unexpectedly large crowd has come to spectate. It has been an uncharacteristically warm spring and the winter dragged its heels departing. An amateur tournament has given nobles and peasants alike all the excuse they needed to leave their homes. The green hills all around the glade are dotted with blankets and pavilions with more coming by the hour. The organizers have likewise done their best to grow the tournament area to meet the needs of the expanding viewership. Seating for the nobility, stalls for merchants, and of course, the pageantry. A great deal of flowing banners, whimsical instruments, and colorful drapery has been put out over time. Not that you are complaining about it, the truth is that it all makes you feel like a real knight. It is enough to stir your imagination. Transporting you at times to places like the far off grand arena in Midlan. Where a knight can win the kiss of a princess, and the cheers of crowds are deafening. Or so you are told.

"Steady yourself, looks like they are finally ready."
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Do Your Best Quest #171

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Last time, you innocently baked a cake and shared it with everyone, and for reasons out of your control, you turned into a sleazy manager! Yes, you screwed your secretary, your top talent, and your competition in that order! Doesn’t matter if you thought they enjoyed it, you thought wrong, if not, why are you being visited by the ghost of your former biggest star?! Now it’s time to eat the consequences of your actions in this fever dream. Even Philonune is ready!

“H-Hello, Manager? You’re not busy anymore, right?” The spirit of Debbie floats awkwardly above the bed, she’s slowly floating closer and closer, almost imperceptible to the naked eye, like a bad screensaver that seems frozen after resetting your phone.

“Huh?” Oh no! You only have energy to do random grunts like an NPC outside of cutscenes.

“I-It’s me! Debbie! Y-You don’t seem busy but I don’t want to bother you either way. I-It’s not to say that sleeping isn’t important, it is! And if you’re tired, it’s a must! I-I don’t think I am more important than your sleep either. I’d be really upset if you don’t take care of yourself. Uhm, maybe I should help you doze off to get the point across?” Debbie doesn’t know if she should keep talking or not. “Yeah, that’s it! Johnny, do you want me to sing you a lullaby? Maybe you’re into ocean sounds, <span class="mu-i">ah-phew… ah…phew…</span>” Debbie starts blowing air. “I-It’s almost like I’m whistling like an old teapot, that’s no good. Should I go for a nursery rhyme perhaps? Your ears always perk up when someone starts humming. But I only know 18 of them, I don’t think they’re enough to help a grown man sleep. I got it! A bedtime story! These bad boys can even make a child me fall asleep! Why did I call them bad boys? They’re good boys, they help kids! Should I tell you my personal favorite? Hmm… <span class="mu-i">Decisions</span>.”

Did this ghost forget she was here to warn you about the upcoming spirits? Does she know her role? Your own hallucination wants to make you sleepy, what does that say about you?

<span class="mu-s">What do you do?</span>

>Tuck in bed and wait for Debbie to come to a decision on her own.
>Ask if she died and came to haunt you. You thought she was a nice blueberry…
>Roll over to ignore Debbie.
>Tap the side of your bed and invite spirit Debbie to cuddle.
>Tell her to reprise her role correctly! She’s fucking up the story!
>Write In.
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PCQN- The Revolutionary Man - Prologue Finale

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It was a common dream by now, a better one than the ones that had once disturbed you relentlessly. If you had known before that going to Emre would change the setting the dead found themselves in, you would have gone immediately, but you knew it wasn’t the location, but the time that had passed. Ten years, ten long years since the end of the Auratus War, of the Emrean Liberation. Years away from Vitelia, years with new people, new family, away from much of what was before. The memories of war and blood had faded, the sting of loss had receded to numbness. Instead of the mud and ash, the snow and the flames, you found yourself back at the Angel’s Dawn Coffee House, in the twin capes of the north of Emre. It was always bustling in your dreams, not solemn like it had been in truth. All those you had lost were there and doing what had once been done back in Lapizlazulli, or Sella Castella. Everybody had survived the trials of the war in these dreams, mingling with those you would meet later, and the coffee was as bright and pungent as it had been in the good old days. Visions of better times that you woke from with a smile upon your face.

This time was subtly different in a way you didn’t notice, until the subtlety melted away.

As ever, you found yourself outside the place. The surroundings were a blur- they were insignificant. There was no temptation to go anywhere else. A different mix seemed to be in the coffee house each time, though they were ever all familiar faces. The first change. Figures that you didn’t recognize, not even as a facsimile made by your mind of people you didn’t know like the friends and comrades of Jean-Phillipe Debon, whom you had managed to keep in touch with through odd mails.

The first person you sat beside with a small cup of espresso was Chiara to your right, the noble daughter who had taken you with her to tankery. She always looked different each time you came here, since you couldn’t be sure how ten years might have changed her. This time, she was dressed as boyishly as she had been in life, her hair tied in a neat ponytail, though she didn’t bind her chest as she once did, so she was unmistakably a lady.

“Good morning, <span class="mu-i">Colonello</span> Bonaventura,” she said, “I can’t help but be envious from what I’ve heard of you. You have been up to what I’d have liked to do, had I been more fortunate.”

These specters were also discomfortingly aware of their own passing. “I’ve done plenty I regret. Wouldn’t you also have liked to take your place at Leo’s side?”
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Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 24

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Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links:

New Discord for questions, discussions and announcements:

For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Last time, you battled, trained and met back up with Jean and her friends, before getting into another battle with a Hex Maniac.
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