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Mobile Suit Gundam: Ephemeral Tears

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0776 Solar Era, the broad umbrella of Earthnoid rule has extended beyond her immediate vicinity as the power of the mobile suit made innovation, engineering...and war, so much more brilliant and trivial as hundreds of years on and off, we're spent in killing each other. Earthnoids amd Spacenoids, the Awakener and Resolute, Colonist and Overlord, all this and more has haunted humanity in the name of spacial advancement.

Was the cost too high to progress ever onwards, the morals and individuality we lost? Perhaps there is yet an small but enduring hope left, on the red planet known as Mars...can the creation of the ancients save this foolish and brash race? Only time, and the power of one's own heart, will tell.
On the red planet, two individuals would soon come to blows, fighting one another for their own beliefs, but only one may prosper down this road of possibilities, until another path forwards reveals itself...

[Calza Fen Damerro]
An young test pilot of the Solar Federation's Guilty Judge Unit, he has been put under intense alterations and conditioning to become an Artificial Awakener(Cyber Newtype Equivalent). He believes that through his own strength and sacrifice, he can change his own fate, and that of those he holds close to him. Now all that remains is an operation to claim an machine dubbed as Gundam.

[Rakelle Yen Valskev]
An young woman who is an researcher on xeno archaeology and technology. From the first mobile suits found on the moon, an complete machine has never been found, until the day you saw it. The Gundam, an Relic that the old civilization called the catalyst of change, for good and I'll. Now all she has to do is unlock its mysteries...
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Space NRP #4

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A galaxy full of life, technological and even magical wonders spins on. Empires have risen, war has been waged, vast dark powers have risen up and been struck down. The galaxy seems to be settling down, heading toward a status quo, and yet there is a little time left for the nations of the void to change their fate.


We're currently full on players! Sorry to anyone who would like to join!


<span class="mu-s">Turn 14 Begins</span>
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Firelock 198X

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Greetings, /qst/. I'd like to play a game.

Recently I stumbled across pic related, a science fantasy wargame someone has been cooking up, and has grabbed my interest for the past few days. While a Tabletop Simulator mod has been released, I have no one to play/learn the rules with. Would you all care to join me in learning how to play?

>The border regions between The Ebon Forest and the Intermarine have always been sights of skirmishes and conflicts between the two rivals. This morning is no different, as two patrols of either side, each thinking that this stretch of dirt rightfully belongs to them, encounter one another. Soon, the sounds of early birds will be replaced with the staccato chatter of machine guns and snarls of bloodthirsty beasts, and the stench of burning flesh...

Which army do you profess to be from? (I will take control of the one that you do not pic, don't worry when it is time for list building I do my own before I look at your)

>Federal States Army
Human forces in Union uniform, with decent Infantry and a wide variety of Armor to play with.

>Army of the Ebon Forest
Wolfmen in Strichtarn, what they lack in armored punch they make up for with ferocity of Tooth, Claw, and ATGM

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Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #54

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>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:




>Let’s all try to have some fun, ok?

Last time, on Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai! Gohan went off with Buu, Krillin, Lapis, and Chuu Lee to fix up an ecological catastrophe at Tommy’s old home town. There, they encountered the mothman Leo, son of Mothra, who warned them about a gestalt hive mind of wormlike creatures calling themselves Hulud-Rah. Thankfully, Buu was able to seal the creatures away in a katchin cube, however, it seems that Melanos of the Cell Sentai had some part in the creature’s sudden appearance. Leaving with only vague warnings, Gohan’s group finish their job there and manage to retrieve, to their surprise, a crystal of Dreamstone thanks to the MOGUERA machine they were using to clear the underground fires. Gohan also broaches the idea of assigning some ‘Spirit Detectives’ to help King Yemma out with incidents involving the afterlife. Finally, Buu demonstrates the medicinal skills he’s learned and manages to heal Tommy’s blindness, to the relief of the boy and his adoptive family.

And now, many months have passed since then. Several of Earth’s warriors have been hard at work trying to prepare for some upcoming rescue missions for those who were displaced by Towa and Fu, while also doing what they could to help out with some of the newer issues that have cropped up recently. Has it been enough to prepare everyone for what’s ahead? Good luck, Peppa! Good luck, Gohan! Good luck, Izzy!
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Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. XIX

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Wetting your lips, you once more take stock of your audience, scrutinizing their features. The eyes of these children watch you expectantly, waiting for you to offer them a glimpse of a world that they could only imagine. It is true, that you are strange to them; that much you have already acknowledged. Yet the gravity of your position becomes apparent to you only as you wrack your brain in search of a suitable subject to speak at length of.

You, Jezyrene Delyl, are the sole link between the culture of your people and these impressionable little ones. Raised isolated from their kindred in the Underdark and deprived of the teachings of their ancestors, they are surfacers in all but appearance. These unforeseen circumstances evoke an unusual sensation that radiates out from your chest, a burning need to remedy this error.

"Once, tens of thousands of years ago, when dragons still ruled the Realms, our people came to this world from another and made our home here. We found a place in a far-off land and built a country for ourselves, the ancient realm of Ilythiir," you begin, drawing upon the education that you received in centuries past. "This is why the true name of our people is the Ilythiiri."
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Dixie's Last Stand: The Invisible Empire

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It's the early days after the War of Northern Aggression, to many all over known as the Civil War. The Lincolnite yankees have ravaged towns and villages, recruited runaway slaves of all backgrounds both of full negro, halfbreed, and quarter blood to their ranks. That isn't to say some of these noble tar skinned folk didn't stay loyal to their masters and free white men of the South, but the yankees capitalized on the network of runaway slaves aided and abeited by their uppity Quaker co-conspirators from up north to spread rumors of how joining the invading Yankee army would automatically guarantee them a better life without the benevolent and God fearing guidance of their masters. Even those that hadn't owned slaves and were enterprising white citizens of the South that got things done on their own, they too were now deeply effected by the defeat and so called "Reconstruction" of our once great society. The negroids, now emancipated legally will inevitably seek vengeance on all free white men and to impose upon us a tyranny we couldn't even conceive of and the carpet baggers know this and don't care at all.
But worry not, my fellow Sons and Daughters of Dixie, for an underground resistance is forming, a sacred order loyal to the Old South that will one day see it's victory over the federal government and it's evil descimation of Southern society. Take a stand, join the Ku Klux Klan!
>To join, enter your character's information like so
>The GM will post story progression and set goals and objectives voted on by the players
>Outcomes will be determined by dice+2d6
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Alien Math & Egyptology Quest

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You, the players, are a team of ufologists and scientists who deciphered the coordinates of an alien pyramid from ancient texts, hidden deep beneath the Amazon rainforest. Every door inside is rigged with traps and secured by puzzles of increasing difficulty.

Now, you find yourselves in a deep, subterranean tunnel, carved from dirt and stone. Before you is a smooth, black door made from an unknown material, and inscribed on its surface is a mathematical puzzle in Ancient Egyptian. Beside the door, on the left, is a dial for entering numbers. Knowing how vicious aliens generally are, you expect that a single wrong answer could be fatal.

<span class="mu-g">Namefagging and collaboration are encouraged.</span>

[Inspired by >>6049211]

>Answer to the first puzzle:
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Do Your Best Quest #176

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Last time, you learned some details about Wilma’s post-tomato past, some obvious truths about Ichie (She’s a bad girl), and made some delicious pudding. Pudding, that you’re going to deliver as a posthumous gift to Odetta, who –for unknown reasons– is currently haunting your phone.

The team assembled for the scavenging is you, Wilma, and Matilda. Together, you leave the dojo for a totally unwelcomed adventure! The Not-so-young Wilma has mild anxiety out in the open, so she’s strapped by your arm for comfort: She cannot be left alone.

But where are you going? The answer is simple! Your destination is… <span class="mu-i">huh…</span>

Odetta lets you know that you’re going to the <span class="mu-s">Hotel Sunset Men</span>, the place Fiora Kobashi is currently staying at. And that’s the place to be. Fiora’s room. The witch does look like someone who’d keep a corpse in her room for the funsies.

Some other details flourish from the conversation, this international Hotel is pretty eccentric, hosting a full arrangement of foreigners from all over the world, and the place has its quirks that don’t make it easy to navigate. Hospitality sounds optional.

With your phone incapacitated (Odetta can’t make the apps work correctly), there’s no way to contact Fiora directly. These two don’t have her number, and neither you nor Odetta have it memorized. You <span class="mu-i">could</span> contact someone else who can give it to you. But that isn’t that exciting, is it?

Hold on a moment, you had enough adventures for the day!

<span class="mu-s">What do you do?</span>

>Go to the Hotel Sunset Men directly. You’ll deal with the issues as they arise.
>Sigh, then call Amelia and ask for Fiora’s number. You’d call Debbie, but neither Matilda nor Wilma know her, and is most likely out of the apartment building due to the same reasons you’re here at the moment.
>Write In.
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YOU are a <span class="mu-r">TRIANGLE</span>
Being a <span class="mu-r">TRIANGLE</span> is dumb as fuck, and all the other shapes are racist to <span class="mu-r">TRIANGLES</span>
You want to become a <span class="mu-b">SQUARE</span> by any means needed
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