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Path of the Exorcist #5

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Two weeks. Two weeks of manpower and materiel until the defence of Ixtab becomes unsustainable. Though he may seem hale and hearty, General Lowe is like a man bleeding from countless unseen wounds. Now, with the Third Army holding their positions across the Graf river, he must feel like his fate is truly sealed. Death is in the air, the reminders everywhere you look – death on the faces of every soldier you pass, death leering down from the macabre carvings, death death death...

Ixtab was where men first learned to bury their dead, or so Straub claims. Not just to cover the bodies with dirt and move on, but to build tombs and monuments. To mourn their dead and honour their ancestors. Ixtab was the place where men learned to be more than beasts – and the efforts did not go unnoticed. Even before the Accord was signed, the Sun King was said to watch and protect this place.

It doesn't feel like that now.

Sleep comes reluctantly, but is mercifully dreamless when it finally arrives. You remember waking only once, lying in the pure blackness of your quarters and listening to the distant echo of rifle fire. Nobody else seems to have slept much when you regroup at breakfast, and the conversation falters as you gnaw on pieces of army hardtack. To think that something like this could be your last meal...

“I'm sure this is all some kind of misunderstanding,” Ellis offers, seemingly undeterred by the provisions on offer, “The Regent wouldn't just let the Second Army get overrun like this.”

“The Regent isn't a military man. He'll do what his generals tell him,” Clarissa counters, a dark streak of venom in her voice, “There's no misunderstanding... Ellias.”

“What are you implying?” Ellis shoots back with a confused frown, “Are you-”

“Shut it, both of you,” Johannes warns, interrupting before the conversation can deteriorate any further, “Got enough fighting outside without the two of you adding to it. Save your energy for something productive.”

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Retaliation Quest VI

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Thread 5:

You and your AI companion arrive in the MIZAR system to enact vengeance on an alien empire. Hunt their ships, burn their worlds, and put their species to the sword.

As always, feedback and new players are always welcome. I'm getting reamed by school RN so my update schedule might be pretty bad even by my low standards, but god willing this will finish up the quest!
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Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest

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Past the reflection in the window of the train, purple twilight dances with the distant auroras on the horizon over the low skyline of Helsinki. These days, the stars were far more bright and vibrant than your ancestors ever could have imagined. One day the lights abated, and the skies grew clouded, but when the clouds finally parted man kept the lanterns dim so they could see the stars they missed all that much better, and it's nights like these that give you hope that it is all worth something.

Your name is <span class="mu-i">Fiona Jarnafeldt</span>, and in your absences of mind, such as in the idle moments of train rides heading to lands yet to be known to yourself, you feel something in your arms. Something small, something precious. Something you want to hold close and kiss on the forehead, something you can touch with a finger and would grasp it back with its two tiny little hands. Something with a head full of blonde hair and sparkling eyes like yours, though you wouldn't mind if they were blue. But that is something you can't have. Not yet. You have to earn it.

Mother Nature's Providence, the governing body of controlling humanity's impact on the planet formed from the ashes of the old one, has to make sure humanity doesn't repeat its mistakes. The world cannot bear twelve billion people. It cannot bear seven billion. It can only bear two billion for only so long. No, MNP has declared that there can only be a billion souls on Earth at a time. And with this job, you hope to earn the right to bring one of your own into this world.

The job is joining the Helsinki Stormwatch. Helsinki is as big as any other big city in the world, sitting sparse below the hard limit of one million people. And just like every other place in the world, there are things that want to predate upon humanity, be it monsters or other humans. The Stormwatch is a force dedicated to cleaning up the stormdrain underbelly of the calm and gentle city of Helsinki in between the storm seasons, its litter a pile of criminals and monsters. If you get promoted to a Level 3 Stormwatch Agent, you are given a golden ticket that's yours to keep. If you don't, you'll have to hope you get lucky with the lottery, or some other job.

Now, you don't have a man, or anyone. But you're tired of the dreams. You're tired of waking up from them.
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World of Rooms #2

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This is a game that promotes creative ideas in a world with limited options. Because of the nature of this game, I can keep track of up to three concurrent "guests" at any given time. After that, any newcomers can reply to the previous post for that "guest", effectively voting on what they will do. Making any new decision while there are still less than three "guests" will result in a new one being created. Feel free to name and describe your guest when you make a new one.

Existing guests (2/3):
No. 1

No. 1:
You open the cupboards, finding nothing amiss about them. However, upon opening the fridge, you notice that, rather than its expected contents, you are met with what seems to be a meat locker.

You find most smartphones are blurred and inaccessible, however, you do find a selection of flip-phones for sale
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Your name is —---
You have been assigned to an elsen called by the surname “Boromir”.
Boromir is currently out cold.
He is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but don’t let that discourage you.

The two of you will start in zone 0.
Good luck.

(first time QM, please be patient! Otherwise, enjoy yourselves.)
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XCOM 2199

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War. War has ever drove mankind to the brink. From the First Contact Wars in the mid 21st century, to the First and Second Interplanetary Wars from 2164 to 2183. Each happening had taught us that no longer could we afford to be complacent in any martial matter, for the sword ever hangs above the throne, and no king could rule forever.
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They Are Here Quest

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My son, we are running low on supplies of the precious mineral Liadium, which is essential for making our life extending medicine. Without it, our species will surely vanish forever from the face of our beautiful world Liad!

Our scientists have located a world with plentiful reserves of Liadium which could extend our lives for hundreds of thousands of years if we so much as harvest its surface reserves! You are to take our flagship the Liadsun, the fastest ship in our hypernavy and travel there! Fill its stores with Liadium and return home before the world falls into anarchy over the depleting reserves!

The Liadsun can be equipped with up to Three Modules. You must have at least one Cargo Module, otherwise you can't bring back the precious Liadium.

Which modules will you fit on the Liadsun?

> Cargo Module - Can hold stuff to be hauled back home
> Phaser Array - Can shoot stuff
> Hyper Shield - Nearly invulnerable
> Gravity Beam - Can push or pull stuff
> Cloak Projector - Can turn things invisible
> Nano Fabricator - Can print non living things
> Cloning Lab - Can clone living beings real fast
> Write in
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Just trolling.

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Hey guys, could you get the number below and send the following messages: garden gnome, stop crying over a fagot, smelly little pussy, bitch, You didn't see anything, in portuguese.

+55 19 98919-4753


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"Hello, Anon. Last night you did not tip the delivery driver, the 10th time this week. You are the scum of the Earth, Anon, and it's time to learn the PAIN of not receiving a TIP. You will pay with your life."
>You wake up in a dimly lit room next to you, is your obese co-worker Dave
>Other side of the room has a pool of acid
>The room only has one door, but it's made of steel
>the tape continues:
"This room's floor has a weight measure, you can think it is a gigantic scale. When your combined weight drops below 100 KG the door will open. Your weight is 80 KG and Dave's is 200 KG. Are you willing to tip the acid, by sacrificing Dave? Win or lose, anon, the choice is yours!"
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CHAOS: The Quest for Redemption 2#

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