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A Quiet Village

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You arrive in Elder Hollow under the weight of an overcast sky, the chill of early autumn clinging to the folds of your coat. The narrow road that led you here vanishes behind as the village reveals itself, quaint cottages and ivy-clad walls whispering of an England long forgotten. As an outsider from London, your arrival is met with curious, if not wary, glances from the locals who linger by the road, their eyes shadowed beneath the brim of worn hats. You sense their scrutiny like the touch of cold fingers down your spine. This place, with its thatched roofs and silent, watchful inhabitants, clings fiercely to its old ways, and as the village elder approaches with a guarded smile, you can’t help but wonder what secrets are sown into the fertile soil of Elder Hollow.

>Choose backstory:
>Thomas Harrow, a 30-year-old horror novelist seeking solitude and inspiration in Elder Hollow after the tragic death of his wife.
>Jamie Carter, a 15-year-old boy whose family has relocated to Elder Hollow in search of a simpler life away from the city's bustle.
>Daniel and Elizabeth Greene, both 25, newlyweds eager to plant their roots in the rustic grounds of Elder Hollow, far from their urban pasts.
>Ethan Frye, a 50-year-old priest sent to Elder Hollow to reestablish a long-dormant parish in a rural community that holds deeply pagan traditions.
>Henry Mallory, a 45-year-old retired police detective, relocates to Elder Hollow seeking a quiet retirement after a disturbing case.
>Write In
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Dominions Quest: Volume I

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The Wheel has turned. Chaos Reigns. The Pantokrator, the All-Mighty, has left this plane. The Thrones of Ascension lay empty, and the eternal prisons of ancient monsters and false-gods alike weaken. Powers from beyond this plane reach into creation, and pieces of reality reach into the void.

The time has come for war across every realm: And YOU are one of the players of this great game. Whether to help the common man, desire to complete some grand design, or base greed, you seek to conquer this reality and become the sole God of this world. As of now you're merely a pretender to the throne, but with power comes legitimacy, and you are powerful indeed.

But one standing alone cannot conquer the world; to this end, you have come to rule and be worshiped by a people, whether as a mere means to an end or as your beloved flock, you must lead them to victory, or be swept aside by the great powers that will be.
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Space NRP #3

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A grand new age of galactic civilization is upon us. Waystations scattered throughout the void between stars and civilized systems have created highways through the great dark. Curiosities, precious materials, weapons, drugs and trade goods of all kinds flow back and forth through the stars, traded hand to hand. Unfortunately this has given rise to a new menace, void pirates! Assaulting ships through deception or raw force these criminals steal ships, cargo, and even the passengers themselves, supporting a growing blackmarket among the stars where anything is for sale. The impact is felt almost immediately on the open market, with a noticeable drop in the profits made by all nations, but especially those of a more mercantile persuasion.
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Krieg Quest

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In the vast expanse of the void, amidst the cold steel corridors of his transport vessel, the nameless soldier of Krieg stands sentinel, his form shrouded in the dim glow of flickering lumens. Around him, the rhythmic hum of machinery intermingles with the distant echoes of comrades preparing for the impending descent into the crucible of war. His eyes, devoid of fear or hesitation, reflect the unyielding resolve of a warrior bred for conflict.

As the ship hurtles through the void towards the besieged hive world of Haeloria Prime, the soldier finds solace in the familiar routines of war. With each passing moment, the anticipation builds, mingling with the ever-present dread that accompanies any campaign in the Emperor's name. Yet, amidst the clamor of preparation and the weight of his duty, the soldier remains steadfast, a silent guardian of the Imperium's righteous cause. For in the heart of darkness, amidst the howling void and the whispers of the warp, his unyielding loyalty shall be the beacon that guides him through the coming storm.
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The Butterfly Wars (a turn-based strategy game)

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Long ago, the Zahvenat archipelago, more commonly known as the "Butterfly Isles" was a peaceful place, governed by the Myskshen Empire that lords over the continent.
200 years ago, an incident in the great city of Kuthgirt caused the Isles to hurl not just themselves, but the whole Empire into a seemingly endless civil war.

Now that peace has returned to the Empire, only the Isles remain fractured, and are seeing the rise of great men capable of reuniting them. At the same time, an Imperial Reclamation Force has been dispatched to bring the Isles and their inhabitants back into the fold.
Will they succeed in doing so? will the Isles retain their newfound independence? or will it cause the Empire to fall for good?

The stage is set for the bloodiest chapter of the Butterfly Wars
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The Mystery Dungeons 2e #7

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Long Night Edition

>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons 2e" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. This has no story relation to the first quest, and is its own new story. Players still isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guild mates! SFW ONLY

A deeper explanation of rules, related pages, and whatnot can be found here:

>I'd like to participate!
Currently, we're at full capacity as far as threads on /qst/ are concerned. However, there's always the chance that space for another player may grow in the future, or that you simply wish to play outside of /qst/ and the quests hosted here. There are other ways to participate, about which you can learn and do here:

>Okay, now what?
After you've read up and familiarized yourself with the rules and setting, be sure to hop into the Element: Everything that doesn't involve Main Quests occurs here and is helpful for coordination.

Character sheets and the guide to making them can be found here:

If you feel you might need help, feel free to ask!

Previous threads and summaries can be found here:

Our LIVE main adventures start on Tuesdays/Saturdays around 6:30PM CST in this thread!

Namefag as your character, with your item and level!
e.g. Sparks, Lv. 56 Pikachu
e.g. Sparks L.56 (Sneak Scarf/Team Shock)
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Sunday Morning SBURB

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Oh no, Anonymous! It's past midnight, and you're about to go to bed when you suddenly find yourself thrust into a session of the video game SBURB! The meteor is approaching fast and you need to prototype your Kernelsprite before it's too late! What will you do?
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Pokemon Quest

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"Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me the Pokémon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself… I study Pokémon as a profession. First, what is your name? Right! So your name is


This is my grandson. He's been your rival since you were a baby. …Erm, what is his name again? That's right! I remember now! His name is

Now, which Pokémon do you want?
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Golden straw

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Times are tough. It seems like no one is making any coin everyone is practically starving. It's almost winter here in Rupit. You are
>a Miller's daughter. Not yet suffering from starvation but still poor
>a orphan girl. Taken in by the local nunnery. Poverty and chastaty are the vows you hold close.
>a dukes 4th daughter. You have no place in court life but you neither hunger nor want. Life seems meaningless.
>a poachers daughter. You want not for food or clothing yet you lack for all else.
>a gaurdsmens daughter. You have the needs but life is drudgery.

One hours from post to count votes if anyone is interested.
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'95 Rock Bottom

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It's New Year's Eve, 1995. You're sat alone in your shitty apartment with the lights off and a warm bottle of bottom-shelf champagne which you stopped drinking four hours ago. It was too sweet, and drinking it straight from the bottle made you a little too depressed to actually finish it. Your tv is set to static. It's more comforting than watching all of the actual celebrations, which you despise of course, and helps you fall asleep on most other nights.
You get up from the floor to check your answering machine. Still only one message, the one where your ex dumped you.
You go back to your bed and slump down on it face-first. How the fuck did you fuck up this bad? It feels like the only thing you have left is your job. Your ex took all your friends with her, your family... well, the less said about them the better, but you don't even have a pet to come home to. Hell, you doubt anyone would even miss you if you were gone. Do people at work even know your name? You have to wear a name tag everywhere...

Maybe you'll turn your life around tonight. New year, new you. Start with a new name perhaps? What kind of a name do you want, that would suit you?
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