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RWBY Quest #2 Volume 1: Tales of Kuchinashi

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Past Thread: >>5981619
Archive: Under Construction, update soon
General Pastebin:
Character Sheet (As of the end of Thread #1):

Your name is Shelly Suzume. You are, or were (its complicated) a Huntress that graduated from Haven Academy some years ago. However, early in your career as a Huntress you decided to retire. Why? Simple. Some health concerns. You were showing some unusual signs of PTSD or… something similar.

Due to the constant pressure of your teammates, some professors at the academy and the headmaster himself, Leonardo Lionheart, you decided to retire and seek a more peaceful life, focusing mostly on your health.

You went to clinic after clinic, but none of them could clearly tell you what was happening with you. You can’t remember how many times you’ve been told that you just only need to “rest”. Sometimes you showed red eyes, your presence was slightly unnerving to those around you, and random outbursts of malice or rage that could be easily seen on your facial expression were the main concern. Luckily for you, this weird symptom was limited mostly to your appearance… or so you thought.

After an unfortunate accident while traveling by train you uncovered many things. First of all, a fellow ex-huntress and now sort-of-friend called Sora (Affiliated to both a crime family and the White Fang) presented some symptoms similar to yours. A machine prototype that worked similarly to a EMP for both electronics and Aura was apparently the cause for this, yet the origin of this machine is still unknown. Was it related to what was happening to you a few years back?

After traveling with her and reaching the infamous city of Kuchinashi you were tasked by a criminal family going by the name of the “Black Sheep” to find and end the career of the leader of a fighting ring as a test of some sorts.

However, due to by fate or simply luck, you ended up visiting a famous nightclub going by the name of “The Blind Mouse”. A famous artist presenting herself as an android by the name of “Nocturne” tried to take over the place in a violent manner, but thanks to your intervention things appeared to calm down…

…until the android (While having some hostages, mind you) turned the tables by asking you things about your past that you didn’t even knew.

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Hedge Witch Mazela Quest #3: Finding a Boyfriend

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You are Mazela, a proud transgender hedge witch, revered not just for your magical prowess but also as a beacon of hope and diversity. Adults respect you and children look up to you as a role model, yet despite their love and acclaim, a solitary thread tugs at your heart—you are profoundly lonely. Resolved to change this, you decide it’s time to seek companionship—a respectful lover who appreciates and loves you beyond the shadows of transphobia. "It's time to find a cute boyfriend!" you declare, your voice mingling determination with a hint of excitement. You smooth down your cloak, infused with charms of attraction and confidence, and head towards the village tavern, known for its lively gatherings and warm company. You meet
>Ante, a patriotic Croatian young man who is committed to defending his country's peace from Chetnik terrorists
>Mustafa, a young Turkish Muslim scholar traveling through the village
>Jabari, an ebony-skinned young man from Somalia who is well-versed in ancient African magic, boasting a heritage of knowledge that is unparalleled in Europe
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Gnome Quest

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You are a GNOME. Currently, you live deep within a dungeon that is under the spooky dark forest. Feeling bored, you decide to see what everyone else in the dungeon is up to. You haven't seen another gnome in a good while.

You have a few skills. You have a natural affinity for tinkering and engineering. You're also alright at casting some spells, but you like illusions and tricks mostly. Also, compared to other demi-humans and monsters, you're kinda small. That's okay.


Tinkering +4, Small +3 Illusions +3, Magic +2

When we encounter a test or try and do something where failure brings a negative consequence, we'll roll 2d6 against a target number. If our roll meets or passes the target number, we succeed. Yay!

Anywho - you come across a simple wooden door, and a strange fissure in the stone wall of the dungeon. Which way will you go to begin the adventure?

>Wooden door. That's simple enough. I'll probably find some other gnomes this way.
>Fissure. Might lead to a cave, or a shortcut through the dungeon. But, I might encounter more dangerous monsters.
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Ordo Vampiris: A Vampire Quest

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We once ruled the Dilona Valley. You once ruled. The heart of our empire, reduced to crumbling ruins and cold ash. Destroyed from within and without.

Since time immemorial, we warred with the lycans, the werewolves and werebears with their Druidic Circles. We've always tested ourselves, fighting for flocks and hunting grounds. But as we were drawn to the cities, we forced the Circles into retreat. We built a kingdom for vampiris, bent the mortals to us. But without a common foe, we began to bicker amongst ourselves.

The Four Clans of the Ordo Vampiris were not ready, had become indolent without active challenge when the Circles resurfaced and attacked. Our leaders, the Clan Strigoi, created droves of Spawn to fight against the lycans and druids. But the Spawn didn't want to die after gaining immortality. They cast down the Strigoi, leaving the oldest and strongest vampiris dead when they were needed most. The elders cursed them as they fell, dubbing them “zakazi.” Savages, in the Eld Tongue. The rabble wore it like a badge of honor.

The new Zakazi rose to challenge the Circles and the remaining clans. They were sloppy and animalistic - they caught the attention of the Holy Galgen Empire. They sent vampire hunters and Inquisitors en masse. The Dilona Valley was awash in the worst kind of blood - ours.

The clan elders came together and devised a plan. The Ordo Vampiris retreated to ancient and buried tombs and caves. It was shameful but our enemies were too many, too active. Let them bleed each other dry. We can outlive them. We can get our revenge.

You can get your revenge. You are vampiris.
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Cultural Civ - thread 1

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Welcome to Cultural Civ, a civ game where your civilization's culture shifts with time !

players control a civilization through the years and decide its explorations, cultural and technological advancements, and diplomacy.

how to play:
1) choose a civ to play for. change your name to reflect your choice (ex: Chin Scratcher).
2)each turn, your civ has <span class="mu-s">2 actions</span>. You can choose between cultural, technological, or a (freeform) special action, but <span class="mu-s">you cannot do the same action twice in the same turn</span>.
3)discuss with your compatriots which actions you will take. Once you're done, reply to my recap anchor post with the recap of your actions.

Five civilizations are recent arrivals on this island, each for their own reasons. Their future on this place is still ahead of them. Where will you lead them?

I will now list the civs. Feel free to join any of them at any time!
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Shipwrecked Quest

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You were shipwrecked on a deserted island with other survivors.

>It was a family trip
>>possible survivors: dad/mom, stepdad/stepmom, brother/sister, stepbrother/stepsister, aunt/uncle etc

>It was a school trip
>>possible survivors: classmates, teachers, friend, bully, crush etc

>It was a prison ship
>>possible survivors: serial killer, mass murderer, spree killer, cannibal etc

>write in
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The Paladin's Dilemma

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You are a noble human male paladin, sworn to protect the innocent and deliver justice. Today, you learn that a small tribe of cannibalistic greenskin orcs has been terrorizing a nearby human village. "This cannot stand!" Naturally, you mount your destrier and ride to their aid. With a sword in hand, you engage the orc tribe, cutting down their warriors. Eventually, you face their chieftain, <span class="mu-r">Azov the Defiler</span>, and after a fierce battle, he falls to your blade.
But instead of scattering in fear, the orcs do something unexpected. One of them steps forward, speaking in a gruff voice, "You killed our chieftain. By orc law, you are now our chief, and his wives are yours!"
You gulp. What in the world have you gotten yourself into?

> 1. "I... I don't know much about orc law. I'm not sure how to handle this."
> 2. "Listen, it's not about you. I'm into supple human women, not seven-foot-tall sturdy she-orcs."
> 3. "I have feelings for a human girl. An orc harem isn't something I can deal with right now."
> 4. "Well, if that's the law... I guess I have no choice."
> _
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Moth Agent Quest #2

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You are a mothman. You have a gun. As an Agent of the Company, you know exactly what must be done and are willing to do whatever it takes to complete the Mission. The City is calling. Glory and Terror await.

Last Thread:


In the City, in a split second, time changes. The anger inside goes away and you are finally able to see clearly now. Everything slows down.

You trace the slight shift of the RED Leader's revolver from you to the dying Captain in the murk of the tunnel. Second hands relinquish their wicked weapons now unwanted, scrabble for the BIG IRON at your hip, and instantaneously take aim.

<span class="mu-s">BLAM!</span>

The telltale power of the BREAKER BULLET violently twists your steady aim apart but oh it is <span class="mu-i">glorious</span> to behold. The entire storm drain is illuminated by the tremendous muzzle flash like the midnight sun and a bright white light devours everything. You see nothing, feel only the recoil.

You hate that.

Muscles move on their own, fire two more rounds into the blinding white before you are able to admire your handiwork.

The RED team Leader stands with his gun at his side and his beret at his feet. He remains still, so very still, staring at the ironbound ceiling of catwalk and grates above. You watch for what's coming and an innermost joy swells in your heart. <span class="mu-g">Pulsing blue cracks are seared across his helmet like a shattered mirror - the telltale sign of a <span class="mu-s">broken</span> mind.</span> There's a filtered hiss as the Leader doubles over and he broadcasts his choking screams as if he's drowning on his own two feet.

<span class="mu-g">[CRUELTY]Yes... this is it. The feeling is coming back to you. The thrill of destruction!

COMPOSURE: 2/3 (+1 max COMPOSURE from Night-Watch Mushroom Extract)

You take aim and prepare the last shot for the finish -

<span class="mu-i">phUNKphUNKphUNKphUNK</span>

- and throw yourself to the side as the RED Support charges from your flank and fires off a salvo from that damnable pneumatic rifle!

You respond in kind by hurriedly shooting the Leader square in the chest. He falls, but you know he's not dead yet. Twice damn that armor! Cracked yet still unshattered!?

"CAPTAIN!" Support screams in horror as he stops laying down his hail of suppressive fire. He freezes up but gets a hold of himself and motions to the Heavy. Braver than most mooks, certainly. "REDD UNIT, RETRACT AND GIVE US COVER."

The sluggish suit of power armor stomps towards the sound of his voice. Mindless, sluggish, hulking iron. An R Company unmanned unit, no doubt. Sending in a robot to do an Agent's job? Pathetic.
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Gotham City Beat Cop Quest 7

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It all began with a small box located in the undercarriage of a boosted car, parked outside a warehouse with mob connections deeper than Gotham Bay, Officer Mark DeLucia; a fresh faced Rookie with the GCPD and a power of his own. Shivers allows Mark to communicate with Gotham City, sometimes he's shown seemingly random visions, or given fleeting scents and sensations typically as a warning. Instead of using this power to operate as a vigilante as many others have done he instead decided to join the Gotham City Police Department and use his ability in the open. Not hiding behind a mask or a secret identity he seeks to do whatever is in his power to make his city just a little bit better for the everyday person.

The first few months of the job have been hard, facing a plethora of woman troubles, home invasions, and more than a few attempts on his own life Mark has carved out a solid group within the department alongside his GCPD Mentor Mitch Hawthorne, the long-toothed detective Thomas 'Gray' Bennett, and former Army Captain turned cop: Luke Kimble. Those connections alongside The Question and Huntress vigilantes have been vital in Mark's mission to stop The SIM Killer, Mafioso Hit-Man who seems to possess his own Dark version of Shivers. Starting his investigation off-the-books Mark now finds himself at the tail end of a successful sting to strike at the Mob Families that employ SIM and back in the sights of Firebug, who seeks to kill current Mayor of Gotham: Harvey Dent and anyone who would protect him...

"You're wrong there, Kimble. The driver made the smart choice, he's perfectly fine, better than we found him even. You can't build your house on rotten timbers and expect it to stand forever. This is your last chance, all three of you. Walk away now and let me burn the debris, clear the way for your department to build Gotham back up again the right way."

You swallow hard and give a look to Banks, his eyes are fixed on Firebug but his breath is shallow and rapid while his eyes seem distant and unfocused. A delicate touch to his arm makes him jolt as he turns to face you.
"We aren't listening to this right?"

A voice over your shoulder replies.
"Maybe we should.."

You turn to Kimble who has his barrel now pointed slightly down. His eyes avoid yours.

"Kimble, are you serious?" You shout whisper as you lean in. He pulls away from you and refuses to meet your eyes.

"Think about it. He's gutting the department, putting us in dog and pony shows, he isn't a leader. Not to me. If it was Reiner, or Hawthorne, or Gordon in there I'd die before I let anything happen to them. But Dent..."

You grasp his shoulder and turn him to face you, in his eye you see the same glint he had when you were at Maroni's where he made the deal.
"Let's walk away...DeLucia." He says quietly, but his eyes raise to meet you as he finishes. "Let him go into the car if he wants, let's be done with this. That's an order."
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Fantasy World Building Quest

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A quest where we build an original fantasy setting. Post ideas, as things develop I’ll compile it all into a timeline and map.
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