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Does anyone have any anime/manga recommendations similar black butler? I enjoyed the manga although I'm looking for something similar to it since the anime isn't the best

Emails and passwords problem

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I have a problem on email registering or login and passwords i can save passwords into my head but i feel like its not important like the real life so i delete every accounts i have and my google account and thats a problem i cant use play store to download apps i only use xiaomi store to download apps without login so i want a password manager or a way i can login or register via sms otp one time password and it can save and create random strong password for me without caring or remember or save passwords into my head even when i register on any password manager app or website they require (email and password) to register like what the hell , i better save passwords then better than using password manager i wanna have zero passwords in my head and they force me to save emails and passwords so please if anybody have info or help please help me thanks.

Christian imagery experts!

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This is a St. Luke page in the Lichfield Gospels, an early hiberno-saxon manuscript. Could anyone identify what Luke is holding across his chest or the symbolism of it?

A specific yt vid

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It was a song in english with the lyrics onscreen in eng and spanish, with this old 1930s cartoon playing in the background, but i don’t remember the song at all
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I need someone to confirm/deny this for me. I remember a long time ago seeing a h-doujinshi by the artist of a comedy manga that is basically canon. My mind keeps pointing to Yakitate Japan, specifically Kuwabara and Monica, but I can't find anything about it.
Did Yakitate Japan ever got a porn art from the manga artist or not?

name of movie?

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Does anyone have this YouTube video about YouTube kids and or elsagate controversy where some guy then they alleged mentioned that the video behind them are made around in some Asian countries like Russia India Vietnam and other countries ? I watched that video like months ago and now I cannot find it!

KVM switch? Best Way to Set Up Windows and Linux

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I use Win10 for SC2, but otherwise use Linux. I would like to sync Emacs Org-Mode and my .emacs config between the Win10 and Linux drives, and I don't want to have to reboot to switch to Linux. I don't want a dual monitor setup, but I'm not totally opposed to it (but also don't think that solves my problem).

It occured to me that I could just have one computer always running Win10, and the other always running Linux, then just use a KVM switch to and from as needed. Is this the best solution?
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Audio Sauce

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Looking to find the music at the 5:00 min mark. AHA has been no help. Thanks in advance!