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Can somebody shop Kazuya Guy's face onto this hobgobbo? I'd like the skin to stay red

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Does anyone have a blank version, or any version, of that "hey man, Im back!" meme?

Its a cartoon meme of two people talking and one says he will go away somewhere and the other says "dont, they will change you" and then when he comes back hes comically different and the other guy is just like "what the fuck?!"

What is this dance?

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Videos of Asians doing this dance keep showing up on YouTube. WTF is it?
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Every time I hear an American war correspondent talking about their experience covering war zones, they talk about how they had to get a license to carry a select fire rifle capable of full auto fire anywhere at all times (which if they forgot to carry with them even once they would immediately be sent back home by the military), but the details of this are always said in passing. What license are they talking about? How did they get a "modem machine gun"? Did the military give it to them? Did their organization (CBS, Fox, ect.) buy it for them? Did they buy it themselves?

who are these three dudes

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Got this image from some fag that keeps spamming the same thread over and over and use this as the OP on /v/, I don't even think they're vidya characters.

Skilltrain Course: Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

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Does anyone have a direct download link or a torrent link for this course?
Thanks in advance!

need help diagnosing

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I use my PC only on the weekends and every time i get back home on friday it takes about 15 minutes of pressing the power button only for it to shut down senconds or minutes after, after this process it works like a fucking charm, when i boot it again the day after it turns on without killing itself on the fifth or so try. i have no idea what the fuck is wrong with it

MB: Asrock FM2A68M-HD+
Cpu: AMD A6-6400K
gpu: Radeon HD 8470D chipset in the APU
ram: Kingston KF1600C10D3/8G (two seperatly bought 8g sticks, NOT in a 16gb kit)

it has not been like this for the whole time i´ve owned this box it was quite a recent development like the past month or two

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Apparently there is an OS that allows you to find the true meaning of life, called LoveShack OS. However, I was not able to find any image of this. Does anyone know where to find it (or have it, even)?

/i/ Oekaki doesn't record

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I don't know where else to ask, /i/ is very slow and I've asked there but I don't want to shit up the board trying to find an answer. So I've been playing on /i/ and the editor works fine but never has a playback on my drawings.

I've tried in firefox and chrome. Editing and saving work fine but it never has the [view] tag to replay. What the fuck do I do to actually record the draw and have playback?

Also please don't post glegle there are too many glegle threads already.