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I used to be left-handed as a kid, but my first grade teacher taught me to become right-handed. My coach saw me practicing badminton and asked if I was naturally left-handed, and he suggested I learn to play with my left hand. How do I regain the ability to use it naturally?
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webm/gif where someone asks this kid in a grey jacket a question (I think the subtitles had it about pepe) and he slowly/awkardly attacks the camera. He attacks extremely weakly as if he's a sickly person and there's sad music playing but I could be remembering incorrectly.

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how do i even translate 'fish narc' into japanese, what is a narc
is that short for narcotics
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email client

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Requesting a foss email client if that exists.
Like can I view all emails I get to a mail address without going to and using their webmail?

Roll fan made comic?

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I saw a wordless comic of two versions of Roll (I'm pretty sure they were the Rolls pictured here) and I'll describe what happened in it:

-Roll 1 suggests that they should exchange clothes, for fun.

-Roll 2 thinks it's a good idea, and we see her putting on Roll 1's clothes.

-Roll 1 is shown offering Roll 2 her panties, as if to say "here, you put on my panties, too!" This shocks Roll 2, who clearly didn't think they would be exchanging underwear also.

Again, this was wordless, expressed by movement and icons. Also, I think the comic was part of a series, where the artist made the two Rolls play a lot with each other, but one of them was always a bit naughty and teased the other.

Anyone has it? Thanks.
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How do I post odysee links here? It keeps saying it thinks im spam?
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What's the top-left guy's name with the brown hair? I've literally watched one episode of Gundam Wing, but I want to know his name because he's a looker - asking here as to spoil as little as possible.

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I'm looking for a song from I think a UK rapper from a few years ago when UK rap was getting attention, I think he was on a convertible car in the music video, also he's black.

What's perticular about him was his adlib, some kind of laid back thing he would say over and over again that sounded kinda unique and weird. I think he named this song after it.