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how do I make it so that good people are protected from those that mean them harm?

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which show is this from?

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Whats breed is this bread?
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Looking for a graph/study

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I am looking for a graph/study that tracks women by the amount of children they have as a percentage of the whole female population over the last few decades. For example women that have 4 children represent x% of the population, those that have one represent y% of the population and those who have none represent z%.

Another detail that I remember is that the percentage of women who have very many children remained surprisingly constant over time. If you have multiple such studies/graphs I want the all. Thank you!

/r/ing the bach flying plane autism meme

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Goes smth like this
"bach y u r flying plain"
"cuz am have autism"

will dump cool tattoos and edgy tumblr yandere-core until my request is done
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how to block images on catalog

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How to block images on a catalog with ublock or 4ch x ?
I just want to block images on a specific catalog but not images in the threads.
I tried reading through dynamic filtering or making my own filters but nothing works how I want it.
I'm not a programmer so this is just too much for me and asking chatgpt didn't help.

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Where can I find Total Eclipse (1995)?

How do i add text above videos?

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Something like this.
Is there a tool to easily do this? I don't think FFMPEG can.
It feels like a drag to use adobe premiere or after effects for something that looks so simple, yet i can't find a way to do so.
Help is appreciated!
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request a pixel art grid

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Looking for the name of this music genre

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Is there a particular name for this genre of piano/classical music? Sometimes with synths added?