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where can I find high resolution car ads and posters (especially vintage motorsports) for printing on an A3 printer?

/hr/ is useless except if you coom to clothed celebs. pic unrelated

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I'm getting a new phone and need advice about what screen protector I should get. I guess I'll get tempered glass, but what kind? I'm in australia, probably getting a samsung galaxy a15 5g
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Where do I download audiobooks and podcasts?

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I know libgen is good for books, but where do I get audiobooks from plz?
Also looking for where to download audiodramas and stuff if anyone can help.

Side question, does anyone have any good recommendations for easy listening in the background?

A lot of times I like to have something playing, but because I don't know what to listen to I just put on some fairly dull sports stuff. I want to start listening to other things instead that are perhaps more productive but any recs are fine for this. Thanks
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need help connecting my laptop to wifi

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I cannot connect wirelessly nor through mobile hotspot and am currently using ethernet to type. All over devices in my household work and I tried uninstalling and updating drivers, performed a network reset, and released and renewed my ipconfigs.

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request name/sauce on the girl in the background i need it for reasons
thank you
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Source for this weird DB map?

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I found this yesterday on an account I lurk and I'm wondering where this originates from? It uses official character art but the fact that it's of northeast NJ baffles me. I tried reverse image search but it either brings up nothing or just unrelated maps

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does anyone high a high rez version of the original art for this? I need it without the logos like this one.