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How do I post odysee links here? It keeps saying it thinks im spam?
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What's the top-left guy's name with the brown hair? I've literally watched one episode of Gundam Wing, but I want to know his name because he's a looker - asking here as to spoil as little as possible.

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I'm looking for a song from I think a UK rapper from a few years ago when UK rap was getting attention, I think he was on a convertible car in the music video, also he's black.

What's perticular about him was his adlib, some kind of laid back thing he would say over and over again that sounded kinda unique and weird. I think he named this song after it.

Request for crappy advert poster

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Hey can you please make me a advert poster for radio alarm clock?
It should look like something straight out of 90s, vibrant colors, wordart, comic sans, a bit of vaporwave, etc...
It should look absolutely hideous!
Be creative and express yourself!
The design schould

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Every Christmas period since 2020, a few friends and I come together to make a dumb Youtube playlist full of meme Christmas videos for us to laugh at. This'll be the fourth time we've done it and everyone is running out of ideas so post any Christmas related funny videos you've got, they can be stupid as fuck too since it's always fun to hear people moan over a shit video. If possible, less than 5 minutes.

Some examples of things we would watch:

Also any vidya or anime Christmas videos would be appreciated too, thanks.
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Any koreaboos that can read this?
Trying to get the stats of these d2 gloves.

Looking for a sorta CYOA/Gamebook I can't remember or find

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So I'm looking for this book that is about a scientist that gives you a shrink belt to chase a thief that has stolen government secrets from a Particle Accelerator/experimental lab. You can choose what to do in the story and there are several bad ends, like the thief turning himself into antimatter in the accelerator and blowing up the whole place or shrinking so small an amoeba eats you. It's not a CYOA book afaik because I haven't found any that fit the storyline. I read this years ago and think it might just be lost media at this point, over the years I've tried looking for it to no avail.

Is there a better way to do this?(subtitles)

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I'm currently trying to sync the subtitles to a video.The first part is pretty simple just move everything in bulk foward a few seconds but because the subtitles are of a tv broadcast there are several Comercial breaks. Although the commercials themselves are not subtitled it created several gaps of nothing in the middle of subtitles. My question is: Is there a better way to do this than finding each commercial break and ajusting that part of the subtitles? I'm doing like 173 of these and there is like 7 ad breaks per episode, please.